This book is terrific. It is great for anyone interested in investing in the next frontier but it is also excellent for those who want to understand the growth potential and human consequences for these many diverse countries and their people. It is really brilliant and a tour de force. I learned a lot even though as a student of developing country growth I probably had a head start.

(Michael Spence, recipient, 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences)


A brilliant and entertaining book that teaches the why, how, and where to invest in the new emerging markets. Marko Dimitrijevic is the grand master of frontier markets investing. Read this book.

(Tony Robbins, author, Money, Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom)


A fascinating primer for the investor, businessman, diplomat, or anyone else with an interest or duty to perform in the world’s rapidly emerging ‘frontier’ nations and markets. Dimitrijevic’s message, deftly delivered through a combination of insightful statistics, entertaining vignettes, and hard-won personal experience, comes through clearly: ‘Do your homework and think broadly to understand the forces at play.’ A must-read guidebook to the world’s changing economic landscape.

(General Stanley McChrystal, (ret.), former Commander of the International Security Assistance Force and Senior Fellow, Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs)


Dimitrijevic writes about a fascinating topic with the depth that only someone who has done it for years can have. Frontier Investor tells stories of success and failure―much of it poorly appreciated, all of it insightful. Pick it up and read it.

(Arminio Fraga, Gavea investimentos, former President, Central Bank of Brazil)


A must-read for cutting-edge investors.

(Marek Belka, the former Prime Minister of Poland and current President of the National Bank of Poland)


Marko Dimitrijevic presents a solid, practical and trustworthy guide for those interested in the wide range of opportunities frontier markets, such as Colombia, have to offer.

(Álvaro Uribe, former president, Colombia)