Marko Dimitrijevic on Gowanus Lounge

Marko Dimitrijevic spoke with Gowanus Lounge about frontier markets and his book, Frontier Investor. Read the full article for Marko’s insights.


On Marko Dimitrijevic’s blog, he writes about “The Rise of Mobile Tech in Frontier Markets” and talks about the growth worldwide, particularly in Latin America. Check out the full article on Medium>>

marko-dimitrijevic-logo-2On Marko Dimitrijevic’s blog, he writes about “The Growing Promise of Emerging & Frontier Markets” and tells investors to take heed. Check out the full article on Medium>>

marko-dimitrijevic-5GQ-frontier-investorMarko Dimitrijevic was featured on “Five Good Questions” hosted by Jake Taylor. Taylor’s weekly series is designed to “inspire others to read more” and asks “five good questions of interesting authors.” Last week, Marko’s book Frontier Investor was the book of choice. Check out the video>>


Frontier Investor: How to invest in the next emerging markets by Marko Dimitrijevic. Judged by whether it inspires readers to go out and try it for themselves, I think Frontier Investor is a success. Marko Dimitrijevic has invested in frontier markets for more than 30 years (he set up his own firm, Everest Capital, in 1990) and draws upon those experiences to animate this book…Read More>>

eblogger Why go to the frontier? Because many of them are likely to be the next wave of emerging markets. Their economies are expected to expand an average of 50% faster than developed market economies over the five years through 2020, and this growth is structural. “With many frontier markets, investors can purchase a Turkey, Indonesia, or Brazil—not of today, but of twenty years ago, when policy and structural changes drove growth…Read More>>

valuewalk-logo If you’re considering expanding the global reach of your portfolio, Marko Dimitrijevic’s Frontier Investor: How to Prosper in the Next Emerging Markets (Columbia University Press, 2016) is an excellent place to start. First, a definition. What is a frontier market? Of the 193 members of the UN plus Hong Kong and Taiwan, 30 are developed markets and 14…Read More>>

533948733_780x439 Marko Dimitrijevic, CFA and chairman of Volta Global, knows enough about the emerging and frontier markets. A finance professional that has not only managed money invested in some areas deemed too risky, he has traveled to countries where he has or sought to invest in. And within the world’s “emerging” markets, risk tolerance is a must, given how quickly positive environments can turn into ones less appealing…Read More>>

seeking_alpha_-_logo Even with run-ups in 2013 and early 2014, frontier market equities are still cheap on an absolute and relative basis, especially given their expected growth. And most frontier equity markets are inefficient, which means they may hold undiscovered bargains that the frontier market investor can take advantage of. This market inefficiency also helps explain the low correlation of frontier equities as a whole with other asset classes…Read More>>